Unconditional Love

butterflyThere she was, flying in the swarm
with female butterflies, on the tower of farm
happy was the tiny creature,
with friends exploring colors of nature
blessed was she, with beautiful wings
brown, yellow dots with black rings

A day she flee on the rare farm meadow,
to gather nectar from flower under the leaf’s shadow
There she saw him, already on the blossom
though dark he was, she found him handsome
he saw her, and gave her some space
she smiled n en gulped nectar, though little place

now he kept visiting the same point
in a hope that she wont disappoint
she was happy and found him near
Love was now in the air…
Here and there,  flee they together
and their friends happily stare

Then came the winter, and it was all dry around
No blossom but all starvation that surround
she was ill, with no food to eat
and hence dint manage to pay him a visit
by  then they decide to leave the farm
and she dint wanna leave him dis-inform

and then was a ice-storm the next day,
somehow he beat the storm and made a way
he bought a bag of nectar, and offered the swarm
she was astonished,  her love was reborn
then was the moment for them to leave
but her mind was all in grieve

he was lonely, when the swarm took off
but she remained there and gave her friends see-off
Then he looked with a tear in his eyes
it was all the love that had it ties
now was the time for them to fly “Together”
It was all the unconditional Love they paid each other

 If its conditional, Is it really Love,???
But it is True Life, If its unconditional…

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