breakup1It was raining heavily. The rain droplets falling from the window railings were sparkling because of street lights.
He picked up the falling drops and sprinkled on her face, she shivered and curl herself around his arms.. he with wide grin soothed her.. she felt his warmth..
A lightning strikes. And she is awaken from her sweet romantic dream.. Ohhh… She grins. What a sweet dream it was she thought.
she rubs her sleepy eyes.. and finds him in deep sleep on the adjoining sofa, with the laptop and all office papers surrounded..

Always his smirk smile had drawn her crazy, .. she leans forwards to arrange his papers.. carefully she removed them…
Turning the other side he grabbed hold of her hand “Love u Darling” he uttered and fell asleep again…
You Naughty she exclaimed..:) and removed her hand and rapped the blanket around him..

He even dint shutdown the laptop.. My Lazy Hubby she thought… she was closing all the applications one by one… the mailbox was still open…  
Her attention was caught by the meeting request’s subject lined as “Tomorrow @ Connaught Place”.. she got suspicious thoughts in her mind..
The second mail she saw was subject lined “Missing Her” .. she dint even read the mail.. She was now turning Red and losing Temper..
Third Mail subject lined “Connaught Place: Additional Arrangements Done” she was now completely taken aback…
she felt like crying anything… scolding him.. what was wrong with him she thought…
several thoughts occupied her mind.. is this the real Reason of he being late.. but whyyyy…
has he lost interest in me… is he really seeing someone else…
she was now “Awaken”..

The rain drops outside were silent now.. but her heart was crying aloud….

To be continued…


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