She was finding very little time for herself from the day he entered her life.. She hurriedly tied the bathrobe and unlocked the bathroom very carefully without making any noise… she dint want to wake him up
He was suffering with cold from last night and had a restless sleep… she also spent a sleepless night with him..
she went close to him and ran her fingers through his hairs.. he smiled in sleep.. his smile is so contagious she thought.. every time he smiles, she smiles too..
she thought of leaving him alone so that he wont be disturbed because of her… but he woke upΒ  and curled himself around her arms…
A tear rolled down her cheek.. what was it she thought… a moment before she smiled and the other moment tears in her eyes…
His existence in her life, was something which gave meaning to her existence… which made her life complete… She was Enjoying the little moments of her Motherhood

4 thoughts on “Existence”

  1. Awesome embellished moments I thought one more boring romantic story of GF and BF… But total googly hmmm also I read this story from my iphone so image was present at the bottom which help me to keep in under impression that this story too a love story but I was wrong .. Very nice and interesting one… Keep posting such a nice story… :):):):):)

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