wallpaper-with-an-old-man-on-bench-in-a-park“I will be fine”, he said… “How are you dear? How is your job going on?”, he enquired in a voice that was hardly understood.. She replied “I am fine.. will visit u soon.. Plz take care”
Lying on the bed was something unusual about him.. He was always full of energy, enthusiasm.. A smiling face, A loving husband, A caring dad, A nurturing Grandpa… He played all the roles perfectly throughout his life.. But his body surrendered to the passing time.. and there he lay lifeless yet with a glow on his face..
Her Dad called her, informing his “Departure”

She was shocked.. She was recalling the moments.. last time they spoke, last time they met, the day when he carried her to the hospital in his arms when she met accident, the days when he used to take her to the school, the days he bought her tiffin every time she forgot, the days when everyday he bought her the berries despite of her mother criticise… n number of moments were flashing in front of her eyes… but the time was gone..
There was a hustle-bustle in her mind.. She wished to have a talk wid him .. May be a Final Talk.. She wished to borrow few moments from God.. to live those little moments with him.. to let him know how much she loved him.. to express her gratitude for the pain he took for her upbringing… to show him that his granddaughter cares for him way to much..

Should we really wait to express ourself until someone dies?” she thought

Thinking girl

3 thoughts on “Departure”

  1. Yaar seriously it was awesome ….. And true too… 🙂

    I too have grandma and grandpa and I love them too like they love me….

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