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sad-crying-girlBurning with wrath
He thought of pulling knife on her

But you see
With a tinch of redness and droplets of moisture
She used biggest weapon : Her Eyes

Wounded he was with that bewailing look of hers again.


Valuable Possessions


He was facing the harsh truth of mankind. A week back he learnt about the sudden disappearance of the ship in which she was travelling. But as they say hope has no cure… Everyday he would visit the rescue office in a hope that someone might have rescued her… Ironically he was alive for her and was dying a bit every day when the officers would inform him “Hard Luck”. He always reminisced  the moments when they were together.. how they planned the interiors of their home, the coffee in the balcony, the fight over bedroom wall paint… her wardrobe reminded him.. how beautiful she looked in the pink saree.. The red ghagra choli reminded him their wedding day.. but he was left with nothing but just her thoughts.. her thoughts were only his valuable possessions.


girl with balloons

Sometimes life seems more than bug fixing
Sometimes life seems more than meeting deadlines
Sometimes life seems more than giving KT
Sometimes life seems more than writing code
Sometimes life seems more than a project delivery

Sometimes life seems more than whatsapp, Facebook, linkedin
Sometimes life seems more than electronic gadgets
Sometimes life seems more than traffic
Sometimes life seems more than a quarrel
Sometimes life seems more than parties

Sometimes life is in wandering
Sometimes life is in silence
Sometimes life is in crying
Sometimes life is in dancing with joy
Sometimes life is in loving

Sometimes life seems more than we can imagine
Sometimes life seems to be more than we can give
Sometimes life seems to be more than we can take

P.S. : just random thoughts scribbled on paper in office.. Waiting for the hands of clock to make an angle of 180 degree (i.e. 6’o clock) so that i may leave my cubicle and enjoy weekend.. Happy weekend everyone 🙂 🙂

I hope… a little

Girl Hope

I Hope
In a pretty dress you give me compliment a little
I Hope
you have a look at me and I blush a little
I Hope
when we walk together you hold my hand a little
I Hope
when we are apart you miss me a little
I Hope
when I m hurt u care for me a little
I Hope
in your busy world u think about me a little
I Hope
when we disagree we fight a little
I Hope
when we will be together we live these moments a little

The Little Stone

boy and girlMillions of stars were twinkling in the sky.. Full Moon looking splendid in the dark sky..
they were leaving for home after the college fresher party.. as usual he was supposed to drop her as it was late..
Gorgeous she looked in the red Saree.. her Dangles embellished with beads added more and more beauty .. a reddish gloss made her lips look rosy.. the pinkish blush on her cheeks glowed and added a shining effect to her  face..
He was looking handsome too.. in well dressed Armani Suit.. which she borrowed for him from her elder bro.. a classy rimless eyeglass made his features look more and more sharp..

they were Friends from past 7 years.. though with opposite nature.. she is studious, he hardly studies
she completes his assignments, when he is out practising for football match
she is scared to even look at some random guy, and he every time dates a new girl (Girls.. :P)
but still they were good friends…

while walking her home,she teased him “which one, among the girls u were flirting with was more attractive hmm?” He punched her “Do you thing only one?” It was an array of girls.. they giggled, she dint noticed the little stone on her way and fall down.. her stiletto was no longer with heels now.. she was hurt.. blood oozed  from wound.. he was taken aback by the sudden incident.. he hurriedly pulled out his handkerchief and cleaned the blood.. he was feeling guilty that he wasn’t able to held her.. his glooming face was suddenly nervous and worried.. “It is all right, just a little wound, I am fine” she said.. “It’s not alright, I should have been cautious, I am supposed to take u home safely, i am such an idiot, I am lost in my world how could I be such a fool” he said, “Hey.. its ok.. how r u supposed to know were the rocks are placed on the way haan? 😛 😛  and don’t be too hard on urself.. its ok” she said

She was surprised by his attitude, a little wound and Y he is so worried and nervous she thought, “Y r u so worried?” she asked, he said nothing, and was busy cleaning the wound, “r u gonna tell me or shall i fight with u, again, which I don’t want to, it’s so pleasant atmosphere here and u r worried abt the little wound” she said.. “Would you stop ur non-sense and can u plz check for a band-aid if u have in ur handbag, its late and even thr r no medical shops in the vicinity” he said.. “have u gone mad, it’s a little wound” she said “Oh really, what if u have fallen down on ur head, or what if it would have resulted in some fracture or I don’t know ny crap” he yelled, “I can handle myself ok, I don’t need you” she yelled and started to get-up but again fall down, she recognized the ligament pain then.. “Dont freak out, its fine” she said..

she was astonished to see tears in his eyes, “Why … ..” before she could complete the sentence he said ” I care for u idiot, its my responsibility to protect u, because I Love U” she was Shocked, mesmerized, stunned,  dumbfounded.. she was not aware how to react .. what to utter .. should she start dancing or just break down in his arms… all the emotions were just moving to and fro in her mind..
her eyes were speaking more than her lips… he could see the stars were twinkling and running down one after other from her eyes.. the full moon had more glaze or her face he thought.. millions of stars were twinkling in her eyes or sky he wondered.. the blush on her cheeks was more pinky than ever… she blessed the little stone for making her experience the most beautiful feeling in world.. for making her fall in love 🙂 🙂


infinityTravelling back home was not great for her today… everything surrounding her was annoying her… in the local, many brushed her and apologized, many of them pushed, many of them crushed her feet without even noticing.. she travels daily.. a routine experience..  but it was not her day she thought.. everything irritating.. the sound of crying baby, the noise of rails, the chatter of the women’s.. the jokes of guys.. the horn of bikes… were just bothering her..  infinite world around…

the journey was too long she thought… with him she always found it like they just travelled for a min.. but each passing sec today was killing her.. she was finding them as years n years.. she was finding herself in a rush to reach home… she was choked.. but compose herself when she was at outskirts of her station… she walked hurriedly as if some one was following her.. someone was haunting her.. though she knew what it was…

soon she was home.. she closed the door.. “So finally we broke up” she reminded herself…
she splashed some water on her face.. freed her tight pony tail.. n then the episodes began in her mind again.. how he like her free-flowing hairs.. she was trying hard not to think of him.. she went 2 make coffee for herself.. she started pouring the hot coffee in the mug.. again she remember the day when he gifted the mug to her.. she went to change and made herself comfortable in the pink night-dress.. suddenly she heard a voice ” you pinky lover.. come out of d pink fever” she looked around but no one in the room.. his smile, his talks, his laughter, his anger, his looks and he himself were haunting her.. everywhere..

she eased herself in bed and broke down.. his infinite thoughts were invading her…
what was Infinite she thought  “the world around her or the world of her mind with his infinite thoughts everywhere