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words_speakTear you down,
Hurtful are words
Heal you at the same time,
Soothing are words
They make Friends,
Affectionate are words
They make foes,
Antagonistic are words
Brings Love in life,
Kind are words
Brings hatred in life,
Sarcastic are words

In the realm of “Words”
“Tone” and “Actions” are Minister
With their proper combination
A person is “Emperor”




Happy New Year

15-happy-new-year-wallpaperHey Friends,

Wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Well I believe many of us might have undertaken new year resolutions by now and are following it sincerely as its merely fifth day of the brand new year 😛 :P(On the contrary I broke it up on the very first day, though not intentionally 😛 :P) M not gonna push it hard on myself but yeah m trying to inculcate resolutions in my daily routine and hopefully will stick to it 🙂

So Fellas… New Dreams, New Hopes, New Plans, New opportunities… Let’s all hope it to be very exciting and enthusiastic… The marathon for 2015 is already started. All the best for 2015 🙂 🙂

More Than Friends :)

couple-looking-at-each-otherShe: “plz dont complicate things”

He: “Really… M I making it complex or simple”
She: “Just leave now… it’s getting late”

1 hr

She: (Calls) “Hey, why dint u call me? what took u so long? r u fine? it takes only 10 min to be at your place? is everything alright???”
He: (Grins) “R v still Friends?”, he asked
She: she cut the conversation
He: (thinking) oh God, is that a No, She doesnt likes me, Have I screwed my Friendship??, I shouldnt have hurried

1 hr 5 Min

Beep Beep (His cell phone with a text msg)
She: “More than Friends but less than …”
He : (Calls) “Less than what???” he asked

The call continued and continued and continued…



Here v are… Like every youngster online on Facebook, whatsapp, blogging sites and all other social networks… In a race to stay connected… to check which place  friends have visited, to check thr pics, to check if thr DP has 3 digit likes, to check who has engaged and who r suffering from breakups, to figure out if someone has switched her job blah blah blah… u knw v r connected wid d whole World…

Though V r not aware that ve have to pay the Internet bill… we use it like nything… and we do find ourself in jeopardy when we dont even find the Paper bill and the email is nyways gone… V r dis-connected by d service provider na ;).. n v do approach a cyber café to pay d bill.. but we begin with Facebook only.. u knw.. it’s so hard to get Dis-connected 😛 😛

Here is He and She, he sends her friend request, She accepts it, n then begins the story… Chat n Chat N Chat then  Video Chat goes on n on n on..they r happy.. n they plan to meet.. n whn they meet they find nothing to talk abt.. something they find missing.. both of them r not connected emotionally but they r connected.. “virtually” very well.. 🙂 🙂 but they make themselves comfortable u knw thr r lot of

friends on whatsapp to stay connected.. though they within themselves are dis-connected. 😛 😛 ( by d way d cycle continues on whatsapp tooo 😛 :P) v open whatsapp and ask  our friend to get the latest episodes of “How I Met your Mother” without forgetting, however v do forgot to get medicines, to get vegetables, to get clothes from laundry whenevr our Mother asks us…  V plan a hang out with Friends to hav a break from work, but forget to inform Mother that “plz don’t cook food for me today”, and she never has a break from her work.. R v really connected??

we have our friend groups created on whatsapp where v plan 2 meet, to enjoy, to share smile, hugs, work-life, love-life, irritations.. and v do meet.. we start wid a good chitter chatter but the bell of whatsapp keep on disturbing ,ringing… and v keep planning wid d other group for another get together… n d cycle continues thr as well.. hai na???

How much time do we really spend on the internet? On Facebook? On blogs? Twitter, Tumblr etc.. Its adds up to a large part of our day.. I tried actually disconnecting for a few days and indeed ended up in doing some meaning work as was always throwing it off since I was “Busy” 😛 😛 cleaning my room, getting my new dresses altered, organizing my shelf etc. (Believe me my Mom and I spent a good time while doing this.. I was actually Connected ) We may encourage getting Disconnected for a while. Not completely, Not Forever…Just a while.



A Bro and a Sis:
we want to play Mommy … please let us go out..
plz mommy plzzzz… we will complete our homework later…
Mommy: First complete ur homework children…
it will take only 10 min… cmon.. cmon..
(bro and sis completing it)
Mommy:Ok kids… i will get u some snacks…
keep ur books in shelf and wash ur hands and hav snacks then go out..
be careful.. i have placed the glass pickle jars in d hall..
(Mommy leaves…)
elder bro :pulls his sis hairs “put all my book in shelves..”
    else i will erase ur homework…
sis: “wil u give me ur choclate?”
Bro: agrees and runs……..
(A crackling sound… one jar of pickles breaks and pickle oil spills all over the floor)
Mommy: what happen children…
bro: runs back agn takes out his book.. and starts reading…
Sis: worried and afraid… follows her bro…
Mommy: (Angry Angry Angry) i told u not 2 leave before having snacks…
Bro: v dint leave mommy.. v r doing homework…
Sis: yeah Mommy… v dint break d pickle jar.. it was doggie..
(Mommy starts laughing hearing d innocent answer and leaves 2 get snacks…)
Bro and sis looks.. sis starts.. shall i tell mom that..
bro : SSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … and gives her choclate for d complt nxt week…

(by d way… Mommy cleans the oily footprint of  d little doggie from d study room 😛 :P)

                                                             * * * * * * *

roadside streets… all the neighbouring boys…
playing Galli Cricket…
First ball.. wide..
Second Ball… Gupta Aunty’s terrace… (Boys… laughing…)
3 of them leave to collect the ball..
they press the door bell ( two of the boys hide below door)
Gupta Aunty: how many times I have told u… to play in d playground… u foolish boys dont understan or what…
The boys below the door… starts mimicry of Aunty… the front boys start laughing… 😀 😀
Gupta Aunty: nxt tym if u dont play at playground i wont give u ball n complain 2 ur parents…
the boys run towards terrace… (Aunty in d background keeps shouting… dont spoil my carpet… wash ur legs first..)
boys manage 2 escape even before aunty cud complete her statement… 😛 😛 😛
The game begin’s…
Second Over…
Second Ball: Its a Six… buttttttt…………
Run boys… its Gupta Aunty’s Window today…..
The boys elope before Aunty came out…

Tom was seen running behind  several Jerrys in the direction of Playground (hehhehehhehe…)
Parents of the Boys: what happen kids…. all d boys…….. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

                                                                        * * * * * * *

5 friends… meeting after a long time…
spending quality time by remembering their college days…
switching out from one topic to othr.. laughing like a drain…
and then switch 2 d topic of d 6 th friend (missing frm d group currently)
d gossip starts like nything…
gossiping n gossiping n gossiping.. and …
suddenly d door bell rings….
and 6th friend appears on d door…
and its all “SSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH” between the remaining 5 friends…

   * * * * * * *

what are your sssssssssshhhhhhhhhh moments guys ….. hmmmmmmm 🙂 🙂 🙂