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timeNor did you change
neither did I,
It’s all about ‘Priorities
that changes with time


Happy New Year

15-happy-new-year-wallpaperHey Friends,

Wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Well I believe many of us might have undertaken new year resolutions by now and are following it sincerely as its merely fifth day of the brand new year 😛 :P(On the contrary I broke it up on the very first day, though not intentionally 😛 :P) M not gonna push it hard on myself but yeah m trying to inculcate resolutions in my daily routine and hopefully will stick to it 🙂

So Fellas… New Dreams, New Hopes, New Plans, New opportunities… Let’s all hope it to be very exciting and enthusiastic… The marathon for 2015 is already started. All the best for 2015 🙂 🙂

Valuable Possessions


He was facing the harsh truth of mankind. A week back he learnt about the sudden disappearance of the ship in which she was travelling. But as they say hope has no cure… Everyday he would visit the rescue office in a hope that someone might have rescued her… Ironically he was alive for her and was dying a bit every day when the officers would inform him “Hard Luck”. He always reminisced  the moments when they were together.. how they planned the interiors of their home, the coffee in the balcony, the fight over bedroom wall paint… her wardrobe reminded him.. how beautiful she looked in the pink saree.. The red ghagra choli reminded him their wedding day.. but he was left with nothing but just her thoughts.. her thoughts were only his valuable possessions.

I hope… a little

Girl Hope

I Hope
In a pretty dress you give me compliment a little
I Hope
you have a look at me and I blush a little
I Hope
when we walk together you hold my hand a little
I Hope
when we are apart you miss me a little
I Hope
when I m hurt u care for me a little
I Hope
in your busy world u think about me a little
I Hope
when we disagree we fight a little
I Hope
when we will be together we live these moments a little