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Nor visiting a Tranquil Place, Nor enjoying a temporary win
Nor faking false Smiles, Nor listening melodies of Violin
How can one attain peace
When the storm lies ‘Within’



words_speakTear you down,
Hurtful are words
Heal you at the same time,
Soothing are words
They make Friends,
Affectionate are words
They make foes,
Antagonistic are words
Brings Love in life,
Kind are words
Brings hatred in life,
Sarcastic are words

In the realm of “Words”
“Tone” and “Actions” are Minister
With their proper combination
A person is “Emperor”





“May I” he asked. She nodded.
Soon they were on the dance floor. Nature too wanted them together they thought, hence even the sky tinted itself with purple hues similar to the couples outfit.
They were enjoying salsa moves. Her fiery turn, his soothing hold. Her loud expression his calm variations. Complementing each other with every step and every move.
With a sharp inner turn she lost her balance and slipped, from stilettoes to ground.
He lifted her up by holding her in his arms. Completed the turn and tried ending up their performance perfectly. Everyone around applauded…
Falling is part of journey.. But re-rising and shining again together is what life is..

Her stilettoes lay somewhere on dance floor.. with no regrets of falling.. but embellished with love more than ever… a bond stronger more than ever..

“The Dance was incomplete but their Life wasn’t.”

And They Say… Love Hurts

I expected you to be here, but you fail to turn up
Loneliness Hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

Mistakes n Mistakes, but you fail to understand reason
your words hurt
and they say… Love Hurts

Long passing hours, but you fail to notice the wait
Ignorance hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

working hours n hours, but you fail to appreciate efforts
silence hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

dressed up I am, but you fail to admire beauty
expectations hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

Love is the only thing that brings me back to you, but I fail to understand
Why they Say… Love Hurts

Left Behind


We took a step together to make a home
And I left my family behind
Day night I do household chores
I have left my ambition behind
Seeing my old paintings reminds me
I have left my passion behind
I have adapted myself the way you like
I have left ‘Myself‘ behind
While climbing the steps of success
Please do remember my efforts as well
That’s the only belonging I would have
Rest everything I have left behind

Haunting Regrets

alone boy in road

Having you in my life was just like a dream coming true. But as they say ‘when you easily get what you want, you lose its value’..
I tasted success like anything. I always thought, someday I would reach a peak were we will have all the world’s riches with us… and then we can spend time together… but I was blind to see that success is never quenching thirst. You wanted to have a talk, but I choose to have talk with Clients… you wished we dine together, but I choose dinner with delegates… you wished to share your thoughts, but I choose sharing knowledge in conference… I choose everything else assuming you are going to be there…

but time has passed away… today speechless, lifeless u lay in bed… And I am in trauma here to seek a chance to live with you… All the worlds riches are lying at my feet, but they can’t take me to the place you are gone… I am connected with all the Clients, Delegates but none of them is feeling the pain… ‘I have heard Life awards everyone with a second chance’… I could have had a second chance to convince my clients, delegates.. I could have had a second chance for sharing my knowledge… but I had only one chance to live my life with you, which I already lost..

And here I am left with nothing but Haunting Regrets


girl with balloons

Sometimes life seems more than bug fixing
Sometimes life seems more than meeting deadlines
Sometimes life seems more than giving KT
Sometimes life seems more than writing code
Sometimes life seems more than a project delivery

Sometimes life seems more than whatsapp, Facebook, linkedin
Sometimes life seems more than electronic gadgets
Sometimes life seems more than traffic
Sometimes life seems more than a quarrel
Sometimes life seems more than parties

Sometimes life is in wandering
Sometimes life is in silence
Sometimes life is in crying
Sometimes life is in dancing with joy
Sometimes life is in loving

Sometimes life seems more than we can imagine
Sometimes life seems to be more than we can give
Sometimes life seems to be more than we can take

P.S. : just random thoughts scribbled on paper in office.. Waiting for the hands of clock to make an angle of 180 degree (i.e. 6’o clock) so that i may leave my cubicle and enjoy weekend.. Happy weekend everyone 🙂 🙂