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womenThe lawyer showed the judge her earlier snaps. A beautiful and confident young lady the snaps portrayed. The girl in the snap was standing in front of him.
Speechless she stood. They spoke everything. The Cuts on her hands. The Bruises on her beautiful slender frame
Uneven blemish and white complexion.The Swelling under her eyes. Burnt cigarette marks on her face
She dint needed any proof to prove she was a victim of domestic violence.
Thought of ending this suffering penetrated her mind the day when he slapped her repeatedly for throwing his wine bottles. She was always conquered with fear. It took her a while to realize:
“You don’t need people, arms, ammunition in battle of life
but you need hell lot of courage to stand against the wrong”


And They Say… Love Hurts

I expected you to be here, but you fail to turn up
Loneliness Hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

Mistakes n Mistakes, but you fail to understand reason
your words hurt
and they say… Love Hurts

Long passing hours, but you fail to notice the wait
Ignorance hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

working hours n hours, but you fail to appreciate efforts
silence hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

dressed up I am, but you fail to admire beauty
expectations hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

Love is the only thing that brings me back to you, but I fail to understand
Why they Say… Love Hurts


wallpaper-with-an-old-man-on-bench-in-a-park“I will be fine”, he said… “How are you dear? How is your job going on?”, he enquired in a voice that was hardly understood.. She replied “I am fine.. will visit u soon.. Plz take care”
Lying on the bed was something unusual about him.. He was always full of energy, enthusiasm.. A smiling face, A loving husband, A caring dad, A nurturing Grandpa… He played all the roles perfectly throughout his life.. But his body surrendered to the passing time.. and there he lay lifeless yet with a glow on his face..
Her Dad called her, informing his “Departure”

She was shocked.. She was recalling the moments.. last time they spoke, last time they met, the day when he carried her to the hospital in his arms when she met accident, the days when he used to take her to the school, the days he bought her tiffin every time she forgot, the days when everyday he bought her the berries despite of her mother criticise… n number of moments were flashing in front of her eyes… but the time was gone..
There was a hustle-bustle in her mind.. She wished to have a talk wid him .. May be a Final Talk.. She wished to borrow few moments from God.. to live those little moments with him.. to let him know how much she loved him.. to express her gratitude for the pain he took for her upbringing… to show him that his granddaughter cares for him way to much..

Should we really wait to express ourself until someone dies?” she thought

Thinking girl

Awaken Again

abcdShe was Awake. Her eyes Red, Puffy by now. Her body moving back and forth with each tear that rolled down her cheek.. Enduring the emotional pain that engulfed her. Her blanket was wet stain with endless tears. Her mind wandering with pain thinking of him and the infinite questions.. Did he really cheat me? or M i Interpreting him wrong? Is there some other reason.. N number of questions penetrated into her mind by each passing moment. But some were she knew how much he loved her..

Her world of grief was distracted by the ringing doorbell. Somehow gathering all the leftover strength she opened the door. There was his Secretary at the door step in a knee-length black skirt, high neck light blue woolen top, a smiling face with little blush on the cheeks, a dusky brown lipstick offering her a beautiful yet professional looks .  “Mam, I am here to collect Laptop, Sir is supposed to leave out-of-town urgently. Would you please accompany me with his Travelling bag to Airport “she uttered. A lightning stroked her mind, she nodded and left to get his stuff. The laptop screen while packing reflected her crinkly hair, lifeless eyes, a shabby look.

She was accompanied by jealousy to her room, Is his Secretary the one.. She was determined to clear the matter now. She dressed up herself in a white one piece, tied her hair in a French bun, and applied a cherry red gloss that gave her rosy lips a buoyant look. Gorgeous she looked. But her reflection in mirror was not pleasing her. Something was missing she thought. She hurried and left with his travelling bag and laptop. On the way, in the rear view car mirror, she observed his secretary and herself again, blush was something she missed. The war of thoughts continued in her mind.

The car stopped, but it was not the airport she noticed. Connaught Place she wondered.. Before she could ask secretary about airport, there he was, he opened the car door for her.. she was surprised to see his party dress.. he escorted her to the party room. The party room front wall had text written “Happy Anniversary” with her name in bold.. she was astonish to see her parents, her in-laws, her friends. The party continued… with friends, relatives, parents, in-law’s… food, desserts, drinks. And then began the dance.

All the couples were on the floor including them. The lights were dim now. The silent romantic music was on. He wished her “Happy Anniversary Darling” and then he offered her a gift which was tagged with “Missing Her” she opened it. It was beautiful digital frame with their pic with text i miss u every moment. Be with me forever

Everything she learnt from previous night made sense.. There she melted. She felt sorry for her interpretation but she was Awaken again. She was awaken with Love.. Now was not the time to apologize but to live the moment. The most precious moment.. The front mirror reflected her face which was more bright than ever.. she noticed the charm, the blush was back on her face again.. Nothing was missing now.. a tear rolled down her cheek.. he wiped the tear… they embraced.. The background music played.. “I can be your hero baby… I can kiss away the pain… I will stand by you forever… You can take my breath awaythisone

The Little Stone

boy and girlMillions of stars were twinkling in the sky.. Full Moon looking splendid in the dark sky..
they were leaving for home after the college fresher party.. as usual he was supposed to drop her as it was late..
Gorgeous she looked in the red Saree.. her Dangles embellished with beads added more and more beauty .. a reddish gloss made her lips look rosy.. the pinkish blush on her cheeks glowed and added a shining effect to her  face..
He was looking handsome too.. in well dressed Armani Suit.. which she borrowed for him from her elder bro.. a classy rimless eyeglass made his features look more and more sharp..

they were Friends from past 7 years.. though with opposite nature.. she is studious, he hardly studies
she completes his assignments, when he is out practising for football match
she is scared to even look at some random guy, and he every time dates a new girl (Girls.. :P)
but still they were good friends…

while walking her home,she teased him “which one, among the girls u were flirting with was more attractive hmm?” He punched her “Do you thing only one?” It was an array of girls.. they giggled, she dint noticed the little stone on her way and fall down.. her stiletto was no longer with heels now.. she was hurt.. blood oozed  from wound.. he was taken aback by the sudden incident.. he hurriedly pulled out his handkerchief and cleaned the blood.. he was feeling guilty that he wasn’t able to held her.. his glooming face was suddenly nervous and worried.. “It is all right, just a little wound, I am fine” she said.. “It’s not alright, I should have been cautious, I am supposed to take u home safely, i am such an idiot, I am lost in my world how could I be such a fool” he said, “Hey.. its ok.. how r u supposed to know were the rocks are placed on the way haan? 😛 😛  and don’t be too hard on urself.. its ok” she said

She was surprised by his attitude, a little wound and Y he is so worried and nervous she thought, “Y r u so worried?” she asked, he said nothing, and was busy cleaning the wound, “r u gonna tell me or shall i fight with u, again, which I don’t want to, it’s so pleasant atmosphere here and u r worried abt the little wound” she said.. “Would you stop ur non-sense and can u plz check for a band-aid if u have in ur handbag, its late and even thr r no medical shops in the vicinity” he said.. “have u gone mad, it’s a little wound” she said “Oh really, what if u have fallen down on ur head, or what if it would have resulted in some fracture or I don’t know ny crap” he yelled, “I can handle myself ok, I don’t need you” she yelled and started to get-up but again fall down, she recognized the ligament pain then.. “Dont freak out, its fine” she said..

she was astonished to see tears in his eyes, “Why … ..” before she could complete the sentence he said ” I care for u idiot, its my responsibility to protect u, because I Love U” she was Shocked, mesmerized, stunned,  dumbfounded.. she was not aware how to react .. what to utter .. should she start dancing or just break down in his arms… all the emotions were just moving to and fro in her mind..
her eyes were speaking more than her lips… he could see the stars were twinkling and running down one after other from her eyes.. the full moon had more glaze or her face he thought.. millions of stars were twinkling in her eyes or sky he wondered.. the blush on her cheeks was more pinky than ever… she blessed the little stone for making her experience the most beautiful feeling in world.. for making her fall in love 🙂 🙂