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Nor visiting a Tranquil Place, Nor enjoying a temporary win
Nor faking false Smiles, Nor listening melodies of Violin
How can one attain peace
When the storm lies ‘Within’


A Tiny Thing

There it lay on mirror. Silent. Calm, yet sparkling and beautiful as if it was meant to be there. It added more and more beauty to the Owner who recklessly or may be unknowingly left it there. It competed with sparkles of her bangles those were busy in competing with the chords of guitar to make melodious noise. It competed with sparkles on the Lehenga she wore that stopped shining when the light effect faded away. The tiny thing did its job perfectly. It was as slender as her body frame and as bright as her face. It distinguished her from the other girls at wedding.

After the wedding was over she washed her face and hurried to be home. But left it behind. May be for me. To relive the moments, to relive her aura, to relive the noise of her bangles, to relieve her smile. So what if it is a tiny thing, so what even if the remaining thing is a little ‘bindi’ from her forehead.

Our foolish heart are searching for life in tiny fragments objects while ignoring the living being itself. Emotional ties hold on to bits and pieces of one’s belongings but failing to express emotions to person themselves.


PS: post is inspired bcoz of my Mom, who visited me recently and left her Bindi on the wash basin mirror.

And They Say… Love Hurts

I expected you to be here, but you fail to turn up
Loneliness Hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

Mistakes n Mistakes, but you fail to understand reason
your words hurt
and they say… Love Hurts

Long passing hours, but you fail to notice the wait
Ignorance hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

working hours n hours, but you fail to appreciate efforts
silence hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

dressed up I am, but you fail to admire beauty
expectations hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

Love is the only thing that brings me back to you, but I fail to understand
Why they Say… Love Hurts

Moments of Silence


silentThere are some moments in life, which are never expressed but we can just feel them. The silence of these moments speaks alot…

Looking aback in past some of those moments are:


 Packed Bags… Offer letter in hand… Going to stay away for Job… and while leaving …

turn around and look at ur parents… its all the silence that speaks…

Parents : God… Plz take care of my Child… Give him/her all the success… and the welled up eyes…

Her: I will leave upto ur dreams Mom Dad… I will always take care of you… and the moist eyes…

                                                              * * * * *

he fights like killing her… make her cry all time… hides her fav dress… ask’s her to complete his homework…

tears her book… sprinkles water on her when she is asleep… cuts her ribbon,socks…

but when teased by neighbour boys… creates havoc.. beats them like nything… protects her…

walks her to home but a speaking silence during d tym… gawd what unexpressed emotions of brother …

                                                              * * * * *

Since college time … A big crush on someone… but never expressed…

(attraction .. no.. no.. love..no .. no 😛  😛  fight wid heart and brain)

and suddenly after some years.. he appears…  a casual talk… and he says.. he too had a crush on me…  and din’t express just because he thought i was from other league…

(just wanted to have a time machine and rotate the years passed… oh God… Things wud have been so different…)

but all that’s left is unsaid… unexpressed…

                                                           * * * * *

 Such a great effort Mom took to feed a single morsel… below the bed.. sometime on terrace… sometime in garden…

sometime telling stories… sometime bribing with ice-cream…

how naughty i was in childhood…

today… when I call her to express that how grateful i am for the pain she took in my upbringing… i cud just end up saying… LOVE  You Maa… 🙂

                                                             * * * * *

Life is actually very beautiful, you need to live it, love it.. v nevr know what is going to happen next so why live with regrets..

So are these  moments of silence…  But u know what some things are better left unsaid…  So live these silents moments toooooo!!!!