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womenThe lawyer showed the judge her earlier snaps. A beautiful and confident young lady the snaps portrayed. The girl in the snap was standing in front of him.
Speechless she stood. They spoke everything. The Cuts on her hands. The Bruises on her beautiful slender frame
Uneven blemish and white complexion.The Swelling under her eyes. Burnt cigarette marks on her face
She dint needed any proof to prove she was a victim of domestic violence.
Thought of ending this suffering penetrated her mind the day when he slapped her repeatedly for throwing his wine bottles. She was always conquered with fear. It took her a while to realize:
“You don’t need people, arms, ammunition in battle of life
but you need hell lot of courage to stand against the wrong”


Do U???

do u

do u know
i always want u to be mine,
my mind runs for u al d time

do u see
ur absence makes me peevish
everything around then appears rubbish

do u realize
how much i miss u
believe me or not, its indeed true

do u notice
how delighted i am when u r around
just wanna stop the clock countdown

do u recognize
you make me smile
ur departure stops my heartbeats for a while

do u dream
of us being together
and i wish to stop the moment forever and ever