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Hey Mr. Stranger, Sometimes I wonder

What will your name start with? How would you be?
I have been waiting to see thee..
will your nature be naughty or will it be serious
to know every bit I am curious
will we be alike.. or north and south poles
will we attract each other or will there b some pot-holes??
what would your hobbies be like?
will they match or we’ll have to compromise
will you be as handsome as Salman Khan
or will u look like a villain or don

But Mr Stranger,

let me tell u, all this is meaningless
your existence in my life will make all sense
Nor a 5star place nor every wealth around
i will find love in your arms with joys that surround
you will make my life complete
its only you, nothing else I need
there will be a valentine of you and mine
where there will be love till the end of time