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He and She ( and week cycle)

he and she

First Year Engineering. First semester at college:

Week 1:

He looks.

She looks. She with her BestFriend. She finds him staring at her. She quickly look’s away.

Week 2:

He Smiles.

She and her BestFriend Smiles and turn away quickly. Blush Blush.

His, Her friends giggle.

Week 3:

She and Her BestFriend passes by. She in new dress (looks a hot babes).

He wid his friends (at classroom entrance.)

Noise: Oye Bhabhi aa gayyyyiiii…

           Oye saale nazar mat daal…

Teasing laughter…

Week 4:

His friends murmur.

Her friends murmur.

He Smiles.

She and her BestFriend Smiles.

Week 5:

He approches her.

Asks her for maths assignment. He Smiles.

She gives Assignment. She Smiles. Blush Blush.

Her BestFriend teases.

Week 6:

He talks.

She talks. BestFriend leaves for class.

Rumours in class.

She enjoys.

Week 7:

He talks.

She talks. BestFriend Absent Again.

He teases.

She blush.

He keeps teasing.

She keeps blushing.

Week 8:

He talks.

She talks. BestFriend absent.

He hesitates.

She makes him comfortable.

He: ” Can you help me intoducing your Best Friend?  plzzzzzz… I am kinda interested… “

Her college crush… but …  Her Heart Soars…