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The girl and the cat beauty photography
There she was in the showroom, to get a perfect footwear for herself

The showroom attendant bought all the possible footwear pairs… as per her requirements,
She tried the first one.. it was perfect in all means: color, size, design embellished with beads, pure leather.. everything perfect..
She thought she will finalize it.. but suddenly her eye was caught by the other footwear boxes the attendant bought…

a thought striked her mind, that y she shouldn’t try the rest..
she asked the attendant to show the rest footwear, and she was trying them one by one
she tried n tried..
she asked him to bring some more footwear in a hope that she may get the best
the rest footwear were good enuf but her mind was caught by the first one
seeing her confusion and anxiety, the door attendant replied
Mam, it’s not necessary to try all things out and then select the best, life may award you the best at first sight 🙂 , you just need to recognize it, who knows you may get the opportunity in future or not