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A Tiny Thing

There it lay on mirror. Silent. Calm, yet sparkling and beautiful as if it was meant to be there. It added more and more beauty to the Owner who recklessly or may be unknowingly left it there. It competed with sparkles of her bangles those were busy in competing with the chords of guitar to make melodious noise. It competed with sparkles on the Lehenga she wore that stopped shining when the light effect faded away. The tiny thing did its job perfectly. It was as slender as her body frame and as bright as her face. It distinguished her from the other girls at wedding.

After the wedding was over she washed her face and hurried to be home. But left it behind. May be for me. To relive the moments, to relive her aura, to relive the noise of her bangles, to relieve her smile. So what if it is a tiny thing, so what even if the remaining thing is a little ‘bindi’ from her forehead.

Our foolish heart are searching for life in tiny fragments objects while ignoring the living being itself. Emotional ties hold on to bits and pieces of one’s belongings but failing to express emotions to person themselves.


PS: post is inspired bcoz of my Mom, who visited me recently and left her Bindi on the wash basin mirror.


A Sleepless Night


A night before wedding…
both of them watching stars from their rooms…

remembering their journey
they begin wid a typical routine wht every youngster begin wid
exchange of looks, then notes, then cell no’s and then begin’s the routine of sleepless nights

exchange of SMS, several msg on whatsapp
begging pocket-money for buying books and
spending them on SMS pack n Internet plan

then searching for the cheapest plan
from Airtel friends to reliance GSM, from Tata indicom to vodaphone night packs
there are ‘n’ no of topics to talk

time flies… graduation completes…
both get proper job, but in different organisations
exchange of technical problems, complain of manager, overtime in office, coz of frustation little fights
and then exchange of gifts… exchange of emotions, a sense of maturity in both of them
Love gets more deeper

their family decides to name their relationship, d couple gets engaged within a week
they now eagerly wait for their wedding, days pass by

the care and concern have no limits now…
even their hands r entangled in a rickshaw ride,
they come close, but drift away
torn between their mind, their brain, their heart and off course the rules of the stupid world
making them to wait…

And now…
A new life waiting for them just a night apart
She sits by the window, waiting for the torturous,punishing hours to go by
He is finding the night too lonngggggggg
both were dreaming, but not slept…
Lying on bed and turning their side, A Sleepless Night

There they were, under the same sky and different roofs, wishing to the stars for the same wish.
the twinkle was more in their eyes then d sky…
their face were glazing more than d stars…