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Life’s Dilemma


Many times we find ourselves in situation were we get into Dilemma.. wht to choose? whr to go? wht to select?
Thought of writing this coz i feel everyone among us more or less experiences this situation, hai na…?

shopping in a mall and ur eyesight is caught by a pink and blue dress on the statue… and you can afford only one… both are having proper looks ,suits u.. etc etc… and now a big dilemma.. which one among them to select.. shall i use credit card?? but wht abt my account balance.. shall i borrow money… umm shall i buy them nxt tym.. but what if I dont get them in sale price ( am I exaggerating girls 😛 😛 :P)

ur manager asks to go ahead wid project ur lead asks u too hold it until u get the requirement in details.. dilemmmaaa.. whom to listen.. wht if i go wid managers order and proceed… lead wil get upset.. wht if an error comes and lead doesn’t help… wht if i go with lead’s order .. manager will be upset.. and during review tym he will remember all the crap 😛 😛 .. wht to do?

arrange marriage proposals.. he is good-looking but d other one is good earning.. he talks in a smart way… other one has good sense of humour.. he is sensitive and othr one is too casual.. he is down to earth and d other one is ambitious… whom to select?

u prepare lyk nything for ur exam.. but something goes wrong… u end up with marks that neither gives u top college nor a bottom college.. agn dilemma… shud u reappear for the exam or take admission to wht is allocated.. if reappearing for exam then wht if agn d same thing happens.. or if i confirm my admission then will i get d same opportunities as top colleges… wht choice to make?

u look at ur job… and it is not d one what u were looking for and u recognize it wont lead u to d path wht u were expecting for and then agn a dilemma.. find some othr job or seize a new opportunity in d current org itself.. wht to select?

parents r unwell and husbands family is at thr place… wht she shud do.. leave for her parents place or stay to attend her husband’s family… if left for her parents place, husbands family will be upset… and if she stays n attends husband family she will be restless.. wht to do?

R any of these incident resembling wid urs? n do u hav ny answers to such situation???