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sad-crying-girlBurning with wrath
He thought of pulling knife on her

But you see
With a tinch of redness and droplets of moisture
She used biggest weapon : Her Eyes

Wounded he was with that bewailing look of hers again.


He gave her Butterflies

girl-looking-at-boy-in-classHe was her crush from school days..
His absence made her shiver and so did his presence… his one glimpse gave her goose bumps… she would blush with his stare.. Sitting in the classroom of 100 students, and eagerly waiting for him to be in class.. hungry eyes desperately watched the entrance door.. and finally when he arrived, butterflies would run in her tummy, and she turned away every time so that he won’t notice her… the game of hide and seek continued in the high school…

Today they met accidentally… after so many years… they drifted apart wid formal greeting… but there was a moment when she still had butterflies… she was wondering, she was amazed with the “undefined relationship of butterflies

He and She – II

Cute Couple
He: Wow.. you looking so beautiful, so gorgeoussss…
She: (wide Grin) : really… or just trying to impress me with your sugary comments.. 🙂

He: oh.. then how about Hot and Spicy….
She: u guysssssssss…. never change in this aspect…

He: u womeeeeeeeeeen never change in make up aspect…
She: womeeeeeeeeeen … haan.. how many included in this haan…

He: 1.. naaaahhhhh 2…. naaaahhh i need to keep the count.. right..
She: (turned and dolefully applying blush) 😦

He: (hugs her from behind) my count start with you and ends with u Darling…
She: (Blushes) really ???? 🙂

He: I think so… (chuckles)
She: (Raising her eyebrows)

He: This look of your’s really kills me…
She: Liiiiiiaaaaaar…

He: Truth it is
She: U have learnt skills of persuading me very well

He: Because I want my honey to smile… Always..
She: Smiles..

He: Love you Jaaaaaaaaan… ❤ ❤
She: Love u too

He: Muuaaahhh
She: awwwwww… Dont spoil my Lipstick…

Both Embrace

P.S: Inspired from a statement (Just randomly read somewhere) “Search for someone who Spoils your lipstick and not your Linear”

P.S.S: First Part for He and She

He and She ( and week cycle)

he and she

First Year Engineering. First semester at college:

Week 1:

He looks.

She looks. She with her BestFriend. She finds him staring at her. She quickly look’s away.

Week 2:

He Smiles.

She and her BestFriend Smiles and turn away quickly. Blush Blush.

His, Her friends giggle.

Week 3:

She and Her BestFriend passes by. She in new dress (looks a hot babes).

He wid his friends (at classroom entrance.)

Noise: Oye Bhabhi aa gayyyyiiii…

           Oye saale nazar mat daal…

Teasing laughter…

Week 4:

His friends murmur.

Her friends murmur.

He Smiles.

She and her BestFriend Smiles.

Week 5:

He approches her.

Asks her for maths assignment. He Smiles.

She gives Assignment. She Smiles. Blush Blush.

Her BestFriend teases.

Week 6:

He talks.

She talks. BestFriend leaves for class.

Rumours in class.

She enjoys.

Week 7:

He talks.

She talks. BestFriend Absent Again.

He teases.

She blush.

He keeps teasing.

She keeps blushing.

Week 8:

He talks.

She talks. BestFriend absent.

He hesitates.

She makes him comfortable.

He: ” Can you help me intoducing your Best Friend?  plzzzzzz… I am kinda interested… “

Her college crush… but …  Her Heart Soars…