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words_speakTear you down,
Hurtful are words
Heal you at the same time,
Soothing are words
They make Friends,
Affectionate are words
They make foes,
Antagonistic are words
Brings Love in life,
Kind are words
Brings hatred in life,
Sarcastic are words

In the realm of “Words”
“Tone” and “Actions” are Minister
With their proper combination
A person is “Emperor”




And They Say… Love Hurts

I expected you to be here, but you fail to turn up
Loneliness Hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

Mistakes n Mistakes, but you fail to understand reason
your words hurt
and they say… Love Hurts

Long passing hours, but you fail to notice the wait
Ignorance hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

working hours n hours, but you fail to appreciate efforts
silence hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

dressed up I am, but you fail to admire beauty
expectations hurts
and they say… Love Hurts

Love is the only thing that brings me back to you, but I fail to understand
Why they Say… Love Hurts

Left Behind


We took a step together to make a home
And I left my family behind
Day night I do household chores
I have left my ambition behind
Seeing my old paintings reminds me
I have left my passion behind
I have adapted myself the way you like
I have left ‘Myself‘ behind
While climbing the steps of success
Please do remember my efforts as well
That’s the only belonging I would have
Rest everything I have left behind


girl with balloons

Sometimes life seems more than bug fixing
Sometimes life seems more than meeting deadlines
Sometimes life seems more than giving KT
Sometimes life seems more than writing code
Sometimes life seems more than a project delivery

Sometimes life seems more than whatsapp, Facebook, linkedin
Sometimes life seems more than electronic gadgets
Sometimes life seems more than traffic
Sometimes life seems more than a quarrel
Sometimes life seems more than parties

Sometimes life is in wandering
Sometimes life is in silence
Sometimes life is in crying
Sometimes life is in dancing with joy
Sometimes life is in loving

Sometimes life seems more than we can imagine
Sometimes life seems to be more than we can give
Sometimes life seems to be more than we can take

P.S. : just random thoughts scribbled on paper in office.. Waiting for the hands of clock to make an angle of 180 degree (i.e. 6’o clock) so that i may leave my cubicle and enjoy weekend.. Happy weekend everyone 🙂 🙂

I hope… a little

Girl Hope

I Hope
In a pretty dress you give me compliment a little
I Hope
you have a look at me and I blush a little
I Hope
when we walk together you hold my hand a little
I Hope
when we are apart you miss me a little
I Hope
when I m hurt u care for me a little
I Hope
in your busy world u think about me a little
I Hope
when we disagree we fight a little
I Hope
when we will be together we live these moments a little



Hey Mr. Stranger, Sometimes I wonder

What will your name start with? How would you be?
I have been waiting to see thee..
will your nature be naughty or will it be serious
to know every bit I am curious
will we be alike.. or north and south poles
will we attract each other or will there b some pot-holes??
what would your hobbies be like?
will they match or we’ll have to compromise
will you be as handsome as Salman Khan
or will u look like a villain or don

But Mr Stranger,

let me tell u, all this is meaningless
your existence in my life will make all sense
Nor a 5star place nor every wealth around
i will find love in your arms with joys that surround
you will make my life complete
its only you, nothing else I need
there will be a valentine of you and mine
where there will be love till the end of time

Unconditional Love

butterflyThere she was, flying in the swarm
with female butterflies, on the tower of farm
happy was the tiny creature,
with friends exploring colors of nature
blessed was she, with beautiful wings
brown, yellow dots with black rings

A day she flee on the rare farm meadow,
to gather nectar from flower under the leaf’s shadow
There she saw him, already on the blossom
though dark he was, she found him handsome
he saw her, and gave her some space
she smiled n en gulped nectar, though little place

now he kept visiting the same point
in a hope that she wont disappoint
she was happy and found him near
Love was now in the air…
Here and there,  flee they together
and their friends happily stare

Then came the winter, and it was all dry around
No blossom but all starvation that surround
she was ill, with no food to eat
and hence dint manage to pay him a visit
by  then they decide to leave the farm
and she dint wanna leave him dis-inform

and then was a ice-storm the next day,
somehow he beat the storm and made a way
he bought a bag of nectar, and offered the swarm
she was astonished,  her love was reborn
then was the moment for them to leave
but her mind was all in grieve

he was lonely, when the swarm took off
but she remained there and gave her friends see-off
Then he looked with a tear in his eyes
it was all the love that had it ties
now was the time for them to fly “Together”
It was all the unconditional Love they paid each other

 If its conditional, Is it really Love,???
But it is True Life, If its unconditional…

Do U???

do u

do u know
i always want u to be mine,
my mind runs for u al d time

do u see
ur absence makes me peevish
everything around then appears rubbish

do u realize
how much i miss u
believe me or not, its indeed true

do u notice
how delighted i am when u r around
just wanna stop the clock countdown

do u recognize
you make me smile
ur departure stops my heartbeats for a while

do u dream
of us being together
and i wish to stop the moment forever and ever

The Drunken Angel


Tar-black darkness all around… Heavy Rains pouring in…
waterlevel riding high, crossing waist level
Their Hut dint withstandthe water pressure… and collapsed…
The couple finding their way out to reach a safer place…

They could hear many of them travelling wid them…
but visible only when the lightning striked…
They could hear a sound behind them…
he held his wife by one hand…
he suspected someone closely following thr footsteps…

the footsteps behind now clearly heard …
they raised their pace towards the bridge… connecting the high-lying area…
they could hear the splashing water sound…
indicating the fall and rise of the person in water…

finally they reached the bridge…
many like them heading towards the high lying area…
they could find the helping guards wid torches at the othr end…
hope for survival raised… the footsteps still heard from behind…

water level high…
one by one all of them crossing the bridge…
the old bridge dangled more wid the current of water…
the couple too left now…
when crossed half way to the bridge…

water level high…
a crackling sound…
the right corner bridge Screws were washed away in river…
the footsteps of d person now stopped…

water level high…
They could only hear… “Keep Walking… in drunked voice “

water level high…
and the voice of a bottle felling down…the low lying area was now almost empty…

water level high…
a Lightning striked…
everyone could c.. a body floating at right side of the bridge…
wid his right hand acting as a screw to the bridge…
and now the huge water current driving the drunked person and the bridged completely…

A real life incident which occured on 26 th July Mumbai rains in one of the slum areas..
The Drunked Angel showed such a Humanity… without fear for his own life… he saved life of many of them…
V hardly recognize the unknown helping hands around us…
A little humanity… A little help… may have a huge difference in someone’s life…
Lets thank such unknown helping hands by being helpful to society…